Romo - Mark Alexander becomes Brand Ambassador of Linen

Since establishing the brand of “naturally beautiful fabrics” for the Romo Group in 2010, Butcher has made flax fibre an integral part of Mark Alexander’s handwriting. Over 75% of the fabrics created by the four-strong team of designers are pure linen: “It’s so adaptable. It’s a linen brand.”

The design aesthetic of this UK-based luxury furnishing fabric brand is described as “honesty in materials, craftsmanship and the richness found in refined simplicity”. This philosophy can be seen in its two major design strands: urban and relaxed modern country. “It’s all about the ingredients, the best yarns, the best finishing – the nature of the product we are offering is subtlety, grace and understatement,” Butcher explains. “taking out unnecessary embellishment. We use the best ingredients and for me that’s linen.”

MASTERS OF LINEN® is a registered mark and sign of excellence for linen 100% Made in Europe, from field to yarn to fabric. A benchmark for both the trade and the consumer.