Designers are working with an increasingly sophisticated client base who appreciate that art is central to a dynamic interior, providing context and meaning that underpin decor and the paraphemalia of daily life. 

Many leading designers surround themselves with art, drawing inspiration from the pieces they live with and artworks they have seen around the world. Some have relationships with dealers and galleries, placing art in the interiors and gardens they design. Others are coming to the art world new, as their clients' tastes develop. One thing is for sure: the days of filling our homes with fabulous furniture and cutting-edge design, but leaving the walls bare, are over. 

With this in mind, Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour showrooms were asked to nominate artworks for visitors to enjoy in this specially commissioned space. See in full on the Second Floor, Designer Walkway.



Ann Sacks

‘Sensitized’, 2010, Kitty Hillier, £945.00

For more information, please visit the Ann Sacks showroom on Second Floor, Design Centre East 


Porta Romana

‘Dabble' globe vase, £240.00 and ‘Peony' jade vase, £282.00

For more information, please visit the Porta Romana showroom on Ground Floor, Centre & South Dome

Birgit Israel

‘What is the object over there? Points of Contact’, 1973, Victor Pasmore, £20,000.00

For more information, please visit the Birgit Israel showroom on Ground Floor, Design Centre East 


‘Deco’, 1930 [murano glass vase], Napoleone Martinuzzi for Venini, £835.00

For more information, please visit the Passerini showroom on Fourth Floor, Design Centre East